China Glaze's Harvest Moon

This is part of the The Hunger Games collection from China Glaze. I remember being SO obsessed with this for  months before it launched, and when it finally did, I went out and bought almost the entire collection. I have 9 out of 12 of the polishes. I passed on Mahogany Magic & Riveting because I didn't like those colors. 

I wasn't really a fan of Harvest Moon when I saw it too (orange really doesn't appeal to me at all) but I thought it might be alright for Fall/Winter.

This is the first time I've worn it!

I think it looks better on than I expected, doesn't make me look like an oompa-loompa, I hope? 

I quite like the metallic finish of this polish and it applies really well too. The first coat is a teeny bit streaky but the second coat totally evens it out & makes it opaque. The only downside to this polish is that it takes slightly more effort to remove as compared to the normal creme polishes. It's not a big problem though, especially if you're used to removing glitter polishes!

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  1. I didn't get any of the colors from that collection. I remember adding a bunch to a wishlist but was never in stores when it was being sold. This is an amazing color though! And I love the name - one of my favorite Neil Young songs.

    Removing glitter polish is THE. WORST.