Polka Dots ☺

My friend & I decided to get our nails done at a random salon when we went to Bangkok a week ago because my neon pink nails were chipping and manicures are SO inexpensive in Bangkok.

We went to a small nail shop at Union Mall (at Phahon Yothin MRT station, in case anyone is wondering, the shopping there is fantastic) after a long day of shopping. It was really enjoyable because we got to rest and the manicurists there were really patient & took so much care in doing our nails.

I didn't want to get anything TOO fancy so I went with polka dots. My friend decided to go all the way & she got floral nails & 3D polka dots on alternate fingers (the polka dots were formed with beads). Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of her nails :(

The manicurist used a white polish for the base, and then she mixed blue acrylic paint for the polka dots. My friend got her floral pattern painted on with acrylic paint too. She also decided to get a gel overlay so her nails would last longer, but the manicurist didn't cure the gel properly so her nails didn't dry & they were ruined after a couple of days :(

My simple polka dot manicure costed me US$6.40 and lasted me an entire week. It could have lasted longer if I didn't get bored with it!

Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere!


I visited Chaktuchak Market when I went to Bangkok, Thailand last week. Chaktuchak is an extremely large market (12 soccer fields, if my friend gave me the right info) which sells EVERYTHING from clothes to traditional Thai craft, and even baby animals.

I am IN LOVE with rabbits, they are probably right on top on my list of pets I want. And I nearly died when I saw a store selling baby rabbits. They were the cutest little things in the world. 

This little guy (or girl) was my favorite of the bunch. How could anyone not be in love with a face like that? It's also super soft 

They dressed some of the bunnies up in the cutest little dresses possible. I can't deal. 

*faints & dies*

While I wouldn't say that these animals live in horrible conditions, I still don't advocate breeders & stores like these. The problem is that these stores sell these bunnies extremely cheaply, 100baht (~3USD) for a non-lop and 800baht(~24USD) for a lop. Partially because they're so inexpensive, many parents buy bunnies for their children on a whim. When the children are tired of these bunnies, the families release them into the wild and the bunnies cannot survive on their own. 

If you want a bunny, please think it through carefully! They're expensive to raise, can live for 10 years or more, require a lot of attention and they're not toys. Also, please look on Pet Finder to see if there is a bunny in your area you can adopt.  

Glitter Gradient Nude!

I wanted to paint my nails a nice nude for a change because my nails have either been super bright or pastel recently. Decided to go with OPI's Barefoot In Barcelona, which is a lovely, dusty pink creme polish I love.

This picture is from a while ago, because I didn't manage to take a picture before I got bored with it! After a couple of hours, I decided it was too boring & I wanted to add a little something to it. 

I sponged Deborah Lippmann's Some Enchanted Evening on the tips and I got a pink based glitter gradient which I thought was really pretty :D

Polish Overview Part 3: Blues, Teals & Greens

Part 3! ♥ I'm so tempted to say blues and mints are my favourite, but then again, I said the same thing about corals and red haha.

Left to right: China Glaze's Kinetic Candy, OPI's What's with the Cat-titude, CG's Electric Beat, Deborah Lippmann's On the Beach, CG's High Def, CG's Manhunt & CG's First Mate

I really love my mints/teals though, these SO pretty!
Left to right: Revlon's Minted, Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet, Essie's Turquoise and Caicos, OPI's Mermaid's Tears, OPI's Thanks A Windmillion, CG's For Audrey & Aquadelic

Left to right: OPI’s Don’t Mess With OPI, OPI’s Uh Oh Roll Down The Window, MAC's Fatigues, OPI's Just Spotted The Lizard & CG's  Agro

M.A.C Must Haves!

I was thinking of doing a MAC Starter Kit post recently but when I looked at my (pretty small) makeup collection, I realised that there aren't that many things I love from M.A.C. Don't get me wrong, I do love M.A.C. , but I just don't like some of their products. So, I decided to do a post on my M.A.C. must haves instead.

These are my M.A.C. must haves! I will ALWAYS repurchase these products when I run out.

I think Mineralized Skin Finish (MSF) products are amazing! I've been using the MSF Natural (powder on the right) ever since I started using makeup 2 years ago & I've tried other powders but nothing comes close. I really like that the MSF Natural doesn't make me look COMPLETELY matte or cakey. I'm an NC25-30 and the shade Medium is slightly too light for me. The product does oxidise a little after a while, so I usually leave the house the house with it matching my skin tone though. Medium Plus is too dark, I use it to shade/contour sometimes.

The other MSF pictured is Soft and Gentle, which I think is great because it suits every skin tone, you can use it to highlight and it looks very natural and I even use it as a lid color if I'm going for a simple/natural makeup look. I love products that can be used in more than one way! The thing about MSFs is that, if you use them as highlighters & eyeshadow, they last FOREVER because they come in such big pots.

The last product would be a Paint Pot. I love love love paint pots, which is evident in my other post here! My recommendation would be Rubenesque, simply because it will match ANY skin tone, and it's such a lovely champagne color! You can use it as an eyeshadow base or wear it on it's own. 

I definitely can't wait to try out more M.A.C. products. There's something about the sleek black packaging of almost all their products that appeals to me. I really like how they sit in my makeup drawers all neat and matchy matchy!

Mint & Gold ♥

I saw a post on The Beauty Department on Robin's Egg Nails and I thought they were GORGEOUS. I decided that I had to recreate that manicure soon.

If you click through the link to look at that TBD post, you'll see that my manicure generally doesn't really look like that one. I do still really like my version though! They actually look better when they're not THAT up close.

 I used Sally Hansen's Mint Sorbet and China Glaze's Solar Flare. I've done a review on Mint Sorbet on my old Tumblr (here) and it's great-- 2 coats for complete opacity. I used one coat of Solar Flare for this mani because it's meant to be a glitter top coat, not a polish on it's own, Topped that off with 2 coats of Seche Vite Dry Fast, and tadahhhhh!

Polish Overview Part Two: Pinks & Corals

Part two has taken me a week to post, I'm a terrible blogger! Its so hard to find the time to take pictures, and I think I really need a new (better) camera that takes nicer indoor, low light pictures.

Anyway, here's part 2 which is dedicated to pink & corals! Wanted to make a special post for my coral polishes because they're my current fave, but it would have been way too short. 

First row: OPI's Panda-monium Pink (which looks purple under some lights, strange), Sally Hansen's So Much Fawn, OPI's Dusk Over Cairo, OPI's Strawberry Margarita & butter LONDON's Snog

Second row: China Glaze's Wicked Style, Make An Entrance, Fuschia Fanatic & Seduce Me

I actually forgot to include Deborah Lippmann's Shape Of My Heart, which is a pale pink. I've post a couple of pictures of it on this blog before, you might want to take a look if you're interested (:

First row: Essence's On Your Gracile Tiptoe, Revlon's Mad About Mangoes & China Glaze's Flip Flop Fantasy

Second row: China Glaze's Make Some Noise, OPI's Lunch At The Delhi & Deborah Lippmann's Daytripper

I lovelovelove my coral polishes right now, they're soooo pretty & perfect for the season now! I think the next post should come some time in the middle of this week, hopefully I get some good pictures taken! Part 3 is probably going to be yellows/blues/greens. I only have 1 yellow polish and a couple of green ones, so I'll be posting mints in that part too!