New In!

I haven't posted in forever, I'm sorry. I don't really have anything to post about recently because I haven't taken too many pictures. I do post very regularly on Instagram though (because it's so convenient), so check my Instagram out if you're interested (: I'm 'ohheyclaudia'.

I took a short vacation to Penang, Malaysia with 3 other friends this week, we were there for 4 days. Penang is all about the food & cafes & art galleries so I didn't take many pictures. I did, however, pick up way too many things from the airport on my way home. Duty free shopping is really my weakness :(

Anyway, these are a few of the things I bought!

My very first Dior nail polishes! They actually come in a set & the daaaaaark green color is actually a crackle top coat! I'm not really a fan of crackle but I love how this combination looks.

Also, my very first Dior lip product. I rarely wear colors on my lips so I decided to get a sheer lipbalm. It's really glossy & moisturising!

One of my friends was using this on the trip, and let us try it. It was amazing, it's super dark, goes on smoothly & doesn't budge at all.

I didn't take a picture of the other things I bought because I already put them away but I did post them on Instagram :D 

A new nail post should be up in a couple of days <3

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  1. i rarely get to air travel so i don't know about this duty free shopping...but it sounds great. i've been wanting one of the dior lip products forever and a ysl one. love the dior polish colors!