Deborah Lippmann's Cleopatra in New York

This is my newest bottle of Deborah Lippmann nail polish! I don't know why, but it's named Cleopatra in New York, which sounds strange to me! I was really excited about getting this polish after seeing a couple of people post it on Instagram but I'm not sure how I feel about it IRL :(

I think it's meant to be gold glitter pieces in a black jelly base but it can look a little grey to me under certain lights. I applied 2 coats in the picture you see, and the polish is pretty much opaque. The formula is good, considering how streaky & sheer black jelly polishes can be. 

One of the reasons I liked it so much on IG is because the glitter seemed pretty spaced out & more subtle. It might be the way I applied the polish, but 2 coats made the glitter become to densely packed for my liking. I may have to try it a couple more times before I really decide if I like it or not. 


  1. I always have the opposite problem with glitters. For me it takes 60 coats to get the glitter on and I like it densely packed. But sometimes subtle glitter is nice. I like the newest Orly glitters. They seem to be a happy medium. STILL haven't tried a DL polish. I guess it's probably because I've never seen them anywhere and am scared to buy polish online.

    I think this looks nice though! Maybe a black base coat would help. But ehh I hate piling on 80 layers of polish.

    Polish rant.

  2. I just bought it too and was wondering myself. I personally didn't care for the base looked more grey than the pictures I'd seen on IG...