Bunnies Here, Bunnies There, Bunnies Everywhere!

I'm more than slightly bunny obsessed at the moment, so I decided to do bunny nail art :D I initially intended on painting bunnies on all my fingers but I realised it would have been an overkill!

Colors used: 
  • base/bunny noses: OPI's Panda-monium Pink
  • brown bunny: OPI's San Tan Tonio Texas
  • white bunny: China Glaze's White On White
  • black: China Glaze's Liquid Leather

Surprisingly, the bunnies on my right hand turned out cuter than the ones on my left. Maybe because I had a bit of practice after doing the left. 


  1. So simple and cute! I love that base pinky color too, and realized I have it! That might be the next color I use!

    1. Yay, we seem to have similar tastes in nail polish :D Deffo wear it and do a post on it!