New Stuff From Benefit Cosmetics!

Benefit Cosmetics was having a this promo were you could get free international shipping if you bought US$90 worth of stuff instead of the usual $130. I decided to order a few things I've always wanted since they added up to more than US$90 and I'd probably NEVER place a US$130 order on my own. 

I placed an order on the 8th of August but they haven't arrived yet. Hopefully they'll come soon because school's gonna start & I hate waiting :(

These are the things I ordered! It's only 4 things but I think I paid ~US$100 for them-- Benefit is pretty pricey. The Finding Mr. Bright box set was on sale for US$27.99, so... I guess at least I saved some money. 

I've wanted to try Benefit's That Gal primer for the longest time because it's supposed to brighten up your complexion. My complexion is pretty dull so I hope this works! Evidently, I need a lot of help brightening my face, I bought That Gal, Eye Bright AND Finding Mr. Bright, haha.

I've tried & loved Bad Gal Lash so I decided to get another one (broke my rule about only getting drugstore mascaras).

Can't wait for the stuff to arrive so I can use them 

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  1. I always want to snatch up everything from Benefit. I drool over their displays (such pretty pink and white counters). I only have tint/beam bottles but loooove them. I've never had a high end mascara (save a Stila sample) but always like hearing others' opinions. Enjoy!!