Ppppolka Dots!

I went into Etude House ( a Korean makeup/skincare/beauty shop) with my friend because she wanted to check out their skincare range. She didn't get anything but I did walk out with 5 polishes (2 individual bottles and 3 in a set) and a pore pack mask >.<

You have no idea how much self control it took to not buy the whole selection of nail polishes. It did help that they were not inexpensive though. I saw this pastel range and I wanted them all :'( 

This is the range of polishes they have, but it's in a different packaging! I know the picture says matte, but the ones I have are glossy heh.
Credit: Etude 

Anyway, this post is going to be about 2 of the polishes I bought, both pastels! Their names are CGR702 (blue one) and CBE101 (the yellow one). I don't know if they have real names.

The formula of these polishes are pretty good! The blue one applied really really nicely, no streaking or patchiness but the yellow was slightly trickier. It was more sheer and needed 3 coats to be fully opaque, unlike the blue which only required 2 coats.

It's a pretty small bottle, only 7ml, as compared to the usual 15ml OPI/China Glaze bottles. 

I definitely want to try out more of the polishes they have, it'd be nice to have the entire collection hehehehe. 


  1. I wish I had an Etude House anywhere near me. Such pretty packaging.

    Love your color combination!

  2. I wow these are gorgeous colors!! Maybe I can get some online, ya think? I'm looking for a nice range of pastels to buy up, because I know I'll still wear them in the winter. I mean, who wouldn't want to match the lovely white of snow with their own light colors... am I right, or am I right? Haha. Any excuse to shop.