After whining & complaining for a year, I finally got the iMac :') My MacBook Air died a sudden death & it was going to cost me an absolute fortune to repair her, so I went ahead and bought a new computer instead. 

I had to wait two weeks for this baby because it was new & sold out on the Apple website, but it was TOTALLY worth the wait. I received it on Boxing Day and I was overjoyed :')

I got a MacBook Air in June 2011 (she only lived 1.5 years :( ) and I knew I'd never be a Window's user again. I love how sleek Apple products are and I prefer the Apple OS to the Windows' one. Aaaaand, the best part about the iMac is that the CPU is built into the monitor itself, so it takes up waaaaay less space. My room is tiny, and I need all the space I can get.

Isn't she a beauty?!

Please excuse my cluttered desk, I shall take this opportunity to do a 'Current Faves' post. 

You can see a bottle of Bioderma (favorite makeup remover EVER), Juicy Couture makeup bag (got it on sale and love it because it's hugeeee), Bath & Body Work's Mahogany Teakwood candle (I'm rationing it!) and my current go to nail polish (OPI's Quarter of a Cent-cherry).

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  1. Congrats! Nothing as exciting as a new computer. And I'm rationing MY Mahogany Teakwood! AND saving for an iMac. Why are we the same?