New Nail Swatches!

I know I said that I'm on a no-buy, but I bought a couple bottles of Essie polish before that started. And I also have a bunch of stuff coming in the mail, just putting it out there so no one thinks I'm a loser who can't stick to a no-buy!

Anyway, I was on the search for the Essie topcoat (the one with the shiny metallic cap) but I couldn't find it anywhere so I ended up getting 2 polishes instead. 

I've seen Chinchilly all over Tumblr and I loved it. The formula isn't amazing though. It went on a little goopy and sheer in places. I had to paint my nails twice because I messed up the first time, I painted it on too thickly and it wouldn't dry and it started creasing. Using two or three thin coats worked better for me. It's wearing pretty well, 4 days and no chips yet!

I love love love dark reds but I don't think I own one that's so obviously a jelly polish. I adore this color and the formula is pretty great for a jelly polish, I used 3 coats.


And, on a completely unrelated note, my friend came back from a semester abroad and she bought me...


I've been wanting one for a while but they have been pretty pricey (more than I want to pay for a ear cap anyway) where I've seen them. Isn't it adorable? I'm so in love with it and I'm going to try my best not to misplace it like I usually do.

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  1. I have issues with a lot of Essie polishes. But they're all so pretty!

    PS: weird...but i definitely have no idea what you meant by "ear cap," but i looked it up and wanted to die. wish i had a thousand little ear caps now! hahah.