Deborah Lippmann's Shape Of My Heart & Some Enchanted Evening

I just purchased Deborah Lippmann's Shape Of My Heart and another polish that will make an appearance in a separate post. I know I'm on a nail polish ban but some of the DL polishes were on sale and I couldn't resist!

Shape Of My Heart was created as a collaboration with Shape magazine to support the fight against breast cancer. It's a very sheer pastel pink creme polish which I think was meant as a french manicure shade. This is definitely not one of my best paint jobs because I put on 4 coats to get this opacity, but I really love this color!

I was looking for a way to wear Some Enchanted Evening so I decided to sponge it onto the tips to get a glitter gradient! I hate removing glitter polishes so I figured I could wait for my nails to grow out then cut the tips off so I wouldn't have to remove the glitter.


  1. Why wait for your nails to grow out? Just use the foil technique!

    1. I find the foil technique really troublesome, and it does dry out my nails and cuticles a lot :(

  2. I love sheer-y pinks but packing on 4 coats always gets me frustrated. Your nails look amazing though! Love the gitter.