New In: Dresses!

I said in a previous post that I don't like the words "shopping haul" & I didn't know what to name posts like these. Lucky for me, Kirsten (check out her blog!), suggested a really good title!

I only ever wear dresses these days, because the weather is insanely hot where I live, so the fewer layers I wear, the better. I thought these dresses were really pretty and summery!

The one on the left is from Rare, a British brand. It has only one shoulder, like a toga, and a fishtail hem. I was really excited when I found this because I've wanted a fishtail dress/skirt since forever. AND, it's more of an evening dress, which I don't have many of!

The one on the right is a striped skater dress from Blonde & Blonde. It's really casual, and I'll probably wear it a lot. The only "downside" to this dress is that the material is VERY thick, but I guess this means that it's well made?


I'm going to try to spend my weekend cleaning out my closet & my nail polish racks. Now that I've put it out into the universe, I have to do it right?! Anyway I might be doing a nail polish overview on this blog if I get the time to take pictures.


  1. Ooo I'm jealous of both of those dresses! I've been loving all the tangerine-y colors this summer. I'm with you on the only wearing dresses thing. Something about the heat + jeans or almost anything besides dresses and skirts does not mix well.

    Glad you liked the "new in" idea!
    PS: definitely excited to see your nail polish collection if you decide to do that as a post! I've been trying to organize one forever.

  2. Oh man that dress from Rare is gorgeous!! You are lucky you have weather to wear dresses! I live in Washington state and I only have a few weeks to ever wear dresses. Anyways I love your blog check mine out if you want.