Oops I shopped again!

I have no idea what to name posts like these. I don't really like the words "shopping haul" because they don't sound very nice to me, I don't know how to explain it. Anyway, I went shoppinggggg!

I bought a Wildfox sweater! I've wanted one for absolute AGES but the price has always put me off. I decided to just go ahead and get one so I would stop thinking about it. These things are pretty weird, I'm not a small girl (short, but not small) and the S is still way too big for me. I guess they're called baggy beach sweaters for a reason. I should have gone for an XS. They're not flattering at all, but they're extremely comfy, so I guess they serve a difference purpose. I probably wouldn't buy another one again, they're really not worth the US$108 (or US$118, can't remember).

I also got a few nail polishes! I meant to purchase the entire China Glaze On Safari collection, but I'm really into brights & pastels now so the colors didn't appeal to me. Don't get me wrong, they're gorgeous, but they're not colors I'd wear now, so I didn't buy them all. 

I ended up only getting two of the polishes from the OS collection, Man Hunt and I'm Not Lion. I wanted I Herd That too, but that was sold out :( The bright neon color is Surfin' For Boys from the Summer Neons collection. The lilac polish on the far right is Sally Hansen's Lacey Lilac, just the kind of color I'm into right now.

Honestly, the only reason I purchased I'm Not Lion is because of it's name! How many silver glitter polishes does a girl need, really? I had to buy this because lions are my absolute favorite animal!


  1. Ehhh I've wanted a Wildfox sweatshirt for SO LONG. You could let me know in a few months if you feel it was worth it (I'm sure it is thought!). I haven't looked at the new CG collection yet. I need to check that out. The colors look awesome!

    - I find the word "haul" offputting, too. To avoid it if I do similar posts on my blog I say "nouveau" - french glazes over everything. I've seen other people write "new in" which sounds better I think.

    I'm totally guilty of buying nail polish based solely on the name, too!

    1. How bad is it if I can tell you, right away, that they're definitely not worth the price? It's just a sweater, and I have a feeling it won't wash well. I wouldn't pay $108 for them, but if you can find some on the Nordstrom discount racks, you should def check them out! I wish I had a Nordstrom near me.

      I'm so going to use the term "new in" now, it sounds way better than haul! Thank you!

  2. Where did you find The Safari collection?? I can't seem to find it anywhere!

    1. You can get it at transdesign.com (: