Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies Everywhere!


I visited Chaktuchak Market when I went to Bangkok, Thailand last week. Chaktuchak is an extremely large market (12 soccer fields, if my friend gave me the right info) which sells EVERYTHING from clothes to traditional Thai craft, and even baby animals.

I am IN LOVE with rabbits, they are probably right on top on my list of pets I want. And I nearly died when I saw a store selling baby rabbits. They were the cutest little things in the world. 

This little guy (or girl) was my favorite of the bunch. How could anyone not be in love with a face like that? It's also super soft 

They dressed some of the bunnies up in the cutest little dresses possible. I can't deal. 

*faints & dies*

While I wouldn't say that these animals live in horrible conditions, I still don't advocate breeders & stores like these. The problem is that these stores sell these bunnies extremely cheaply, 100baht (~3USD) for a non-lop and 800baht(~24USD) for a lop. Partially because they're so inexpensive, many parents buy bunnies for their children on a whim. When the children are tired of these bunnies, the families release them into the wild and the bunnies cannot survive on their own. 

If you want a bunny, please think it through carefully! They're expensive to raise, can live for 10 years or more, require a lot of attention and they're not toys. Also, please look on Pet Finder to see if there is a bunny in your area you can adopt.  

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  1. Those are the cutest things ever! I've always been a guinea pig person, but ...maybe one day I'll get a little bunny.