Polka Dots ☺

My friend & I decided to get our nails done at a random salon when we went to Bangkok a week ago because my neon pink nails were chipping and manicures are SO inexpensive in Bangkok.

We went to a small nail shop at Union Mall (at Phahon Yothin MRT station, in case anyone is wondering, the shopping there is fantastic) after a long day of shopping. It was really enjoyable because we got to rest and the manicurists there were really patient & took so much care in doing our nails.

I didn't want to get anything TOO fancy so I went with polka dots. My friend decided to go all the way & she got floral nails & 3D polka dots on alternate fingers (the polka dots were formed with beads). Sadly, I forgot to take a picture of her nails :(

The manicurist used a white polish for the base, and then she mixed blue acrylic paint for the polka dots. My friend got her floral pattern painted on with acrylic paint too. She also decided to get a gel overlay so her nails would last longer, but the manicurist didn't cure the gel properly so her nails didn't dry & they were ruined after a couple of days :(

My simple polka dot manicure costed me US$6.40 and lasted me an entire week. It could have lasted longer if I didn't get bored with it!

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  1. I think polka dots are my favorite nail art design. So simple. Love the color combo too!